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The Star Trek Book


It's been for some time now that my good friend Mikael Onsjö and I have been working on a data visualization oriented book about the Star Trek television franchise. The visualizations are based largely on data that we painstakingly compiled over the years relating to the characters, themes, aliens, and much more. Sample spreads from a draft version of the book, which we are presently cobbling together, along with the complete datasets can be found at the website below.

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Paul Sheridan | Star Trek | TOS

Star Trek: The Original Series logo from opening credits © 1966 Paramount Pictures.

Anecdotes from Antiquity Blog


I recently started a blog with the intention of sharing various stories that I collected over the years concerning people from the ancient world whose names have been preserved on account of the curious or otherwise interesting circumstances surrounding their lives. These people are sometimes historical, sometimes mythological, and sometimes divine. There is the common shepard Philitis, after whom the Egyptians named the Pyramids of Giza; there is Arion, the pop music sensation of the 7th century BC, who is said to have traveled the Mediterranean on the back of a dolphin; and there is Hyakinthos, who was the first gay guy according to Apollodorus. Also I am not above relating such curiosities as Herodotus' account of how to catch a crocodile.

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Paul Sheridan | Golden Ass | Apuleius

Fifth century Byzantine mosaic depicting a scene from The Golden Ass by Apuleius, distributed under a CC-BY 4.0 license.

A History of Gene Networks


The historian Marc Bloch once wrote that it takes 'years of analysis for a day of synthesis'. Hopefully I'll get around to that latter part before too long. As regards the former though I'm in the middle of curating the gene network literature with a view toward organizing it into an online archive. I hope that this undertaking of mine will one day become an indispensible resource for those who share my interest in gene networks and the modern fixation by scientists on the network metaphor more generally.

Miscellaneous Materials

Paul Sheridan | gene networks | Sugita

The switchboard (foreground) and relay kit (background) used by Sugita to model the β-galactosidase enzymatic pathway in E. coli. The photo is reproduced from his original 1963 publication.